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They also coined the techniques of creating clothes, fans, kites, paper, and many other articles from it.Ancient China’s creation of silk allowed China to connect to the outside world through trade and led to the creation of the Silk Road which was an overland trade route. Silk allowed China to interact with the world through an invention that until the silkworm eggs were smuggled out of China into Europe was unique to Ancient China. These four inventions are simply a few of many that Ancient China contributed to the world. One culture in particular that has had an effect on many Americans is the Chinese culture.

Eventually, tree bark, bamboo, and other plant fibers were used in addition to hemp.

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A compass can be used in conjunction with a marine chronometer to calculate longitude and a sextant to calculate latitude, providing a very accurate navigation capability.

This device greatly improved maritime trade by making travel safer and more efficient.

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Ancient Chinese developments are often overshadowed by European accomplishments; however, these inventions prove that China’s innovation shaped not only their ancient civilization but that they continue to influence the modern world. Drums (made from clay) have been found over a broad area at the Neolithic sites from modern Shandong in the east to Qinghai in the west, dating to a period of 5500–2350 BC.

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