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Or if you ask him how something works, he will give you so much information and talk for such a long time it can be baffling. I also had a speech problem in that I spoke much too fast, and I was diagnosed with dyslexia.

I'm used to it, but I can see people who don't know him looking bewildered.'Andy says: 'Growing up I knew I was different, but I was never diagnosed. But I never let it hold me back, and I was always excellent at maths.' One in 125 people in Britain have been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder and experts are seeing a marked increase in the numbers of adults being diagnosed with Asperger's, particularly men, who are affected four times as often as women.

He was calm and even cracking jokes, which made me angry.

But I know he wasn't being like that on purpose - it's simply how he is.'To many women, Samantha's frustration at her husband's insensitivity will sound all too familiar.

She says: 'I see a number of highly intelligent, successful men including pilots, policemen and company directors.

Often they're the expert at what they do, but when they get home, they're in an emotional environment and out of their comfort zone.

It was after Noah was diagnosed with autism at the age of two that Andy realised he was on the Asperger's spectrum, and Samantha believes his condition has helped him bond with Noah.

If women don't understand why their husbands appear unfeeling, it can be hurtful.

Often, a diagnosis brings relief to the person with Asperger's and their family, because it helps explain problems they've faced.' Samantha said of her husband Andy: 'He is very precise and pedantic - if you ask him how he is, he will tell you in great detail.

"What keeps its value pretty well is Kutani chinaware." The Japanese white porcelain offers such craftsmanship, you can hold it up to the light and see exactly how thin it is. Meissen porcelain, from the German town of the same name.

Don't pay big bucks just because it's authentic though.

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